Craig Borlase
Craig Borlase
bestselling memoir writer

Craig Borlase

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What makes a good story? Courage. A willingness to face pain, not hide. Saying 'yes' to all that's good in life. When you start here, the writing takes care of itself.


Craig Borlase is a New York Times bestselling author, specializing in crafting dramatic, engaging memoirs. He has collaborated with a wide range of people, including a two-time GRAMMY winning songwriter, an Iranian refugee who spent four months in a Turkish jail, a female transatlantic rower, a WW2 veteran and a former Muslim woman who was one week away from becoming a suicide bomber. 

His most recent collaboration is Finding Gobi, the New York Times bestselling account of an ultra-marathon runner’s chance encounter with a stray dog in the Mongolian desert. Previous work has taken him to Iraq, Jordan, China, Haiti, India, Sweden, Cuba, Uganda, Australia and all over the United States.


What makes a good memoir writer? I used to think it was about finding the voice, as if my job was to be an impersonator. Now I work to feel the story the way they do. It's about connection. It's about emotional journeys as well as physical ones. And it's about never missing a deadline. 




"Craig is one of the finest collaborators out there and has provided invaluable assistance to us in both the United States and the UK. I’m always amazed at how quickly he can turn a manuscript and it comes in clean every time. I’m a fan!"

Matt Baugher, Senior Vice President, Author and Partnership Development, HarperCollins Publishers


"Craig is an outstanding writer and interviewer. He has the gift of naturally making an author feel comfortable and safe in sharing his or her story, even when that story is vulnerable or difficult. He then brings it to life on the page with thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and a deep understanding of the author's voice and message. The result is a "can't put down" read that rings absolutely true. It is a delight to work with Craig."

Sarah Atkinson, Associate Publisher, Tyndale Momentum

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What makes a good writing relationship? Trust. It's vital both ways. And when it's strong, it gives the words the freedom they need. How do you build it? Good question...


"I had the privilege to work with Craig, and I was able to share the most vulnerable and raw parts of my life with him. Craig captured my story in a way that I believe no one else could have. He is utterly professional, kind and the most exceptional writer. And lots of fun!" 

Julia Immonen, Author of Row for Freedom


"Craig could take a simple memory and word it in a way that even had me thinking he was there. His commitment, dedication and challenging manner ensured my story was not only correctly formed but it gave me the confidence and trust in him to deliver an exceptional end result. His tireless attention to detail and manner in delivering against the clock was second to none. Craig turned words into gold, was a joy and pleasure to work with and he gets the job done with ease and joy."

Dion Leonard, Author of New York Times Bestseller Finding Gobi