Finding Gobi

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I knew Dion's story was compelling the moment he and I first spoke. When he told me that he wanted to take the reader with him as he explored the depths of healing that Gobi brought him, I was sold. The deadline was tight and the pressure was high, but from the moment we met in Beijing to last day of writing, the book just flowed onto the page. 

I'd been reading Robert McKee's Story a few months earlier, and it was fun to play with scenes and make sure that every single one deserved to be there.  

Today, watching the five star reviews rack up and the book become a bestseller in every territory it launches in, Finding Gobi continues to remind me of the importance of drawing the reader close and earning the right to take them with you all the way through to the end.  

UPDATE: In the United States Finding Gobi – which was released in June – has made its way onto the New York TimesWall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly and USA Today bestseller lists. It is a UK Sunday Times bestseller, has spent 14 weeks as a Canadian bestseller, as well as topping charts in Australia, New Zealand and Italy.